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Acer Aspire TravelMate Extensa Notebook Battery LC.BTP01.005

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  • Product Description

    • Genuine Replacement Battery for Acer TravelMate, Extensa and Aspire Laptops.
    • Li-ion 14.8V, 4400mAh
    • Acer P/N: LC.BTP01.005
    • Battery P/N: BTP-96H1
    • Condition: New
    • 30 day warranty.

    Used in the following models:

    Acer Aspire: 3020 Series, 3020LMi, 3020WLMi, 3021WLMi, 3022LMi, 3022WLM, 3022WLMi ,3023LMi , 3023WLM , 3023WLMi , 3025WLM, 3025WLMi, 3610, 3610 Series, 3610WLMi, 3612LC, 3612LCi, 3613LC, 3613LCi, 3613NWLCi, 3613WLCi, 3613WLMi, 3614WLMi, 5020, 5020LCi, 5020LMi, 5021LCi, 5021LMi, 5021NWLCi, 5021WLCi, 5021WLM, 5021WLMi, 5022NWLMi, 5022WLM, 5022WLMi, 5023WLMi, 5024LMi, 5024WLCi, 5024WLM, 5024WLMi, 5025WLMi
    Acer Extensa
    : 2600 Series
    Acer Travelmate
    : 2410 Series, 2410WLMi, 2412LC, 2412LCi, 2412LM, 2412LMi,2412NLC, 2412NLM, 2413LC, 2413LCi, 2413LM, 2413LMi, 2413NLC, 2413NLCi,2413NLM, 2413NLMi,2413NWLCi, 2413NWLM, 2413NWLMi, 2413WLC, 2413WLCi, 2413WLM, 2413WLMi, 2414LMi, 2414WLM,2414WLMi, 2419LCi, 2419NLCi, 4400, 4400LCi, 4400LMi,4400 Series, 4400WLCi,4400WLMi, 4401LCi, 4401LMi,4401WLMi, 4402LCi, 4402LMi, 4402WLM, 4402WLMi, 4404LMi,4405WLMi, C300 Series, C300XCi, C300XCi-G, C300XM, C300XMi, C300XMib, C301Series, C301XCi, C301XCi-G, C301XM,C301XMi, C301XMib, C302, C302MXi, C302 Series, C302XC, C302XCi, C302Xmi,C302XMib, C302XMi-G, C303XC, C303XCi, C303XM, C303XMi, C303XMib, C310, C310Series, C310XC, C310XCi, C310XM, C310XMi, C311XC, C311XCi, C311XM, C311XMi,C312XC, C312XCi, C312XM, C312XMi, C313XC, C313XCi, C313XM C313XMi C314XC,C314XCi, C314XM, C314XMi

    Replacement Compatible Part Numbers: 60.49Y02.001 91.49Y28.001 91.49Y28.002 BT.00403.005 BT.00803.007 BT.00804.007 BT.00805.002 BTP-63D1 BTP-96H1 BTP-98H1 BTP-AFD1 BTP-AGD1 BTP-AHD1 BTP-AID1 BT.T2803.001 BT.T8603.001 LC.BTP01.005 LC.BTP01.009 LC.BTP01.020

    IMPORTANT TECH NOTE: There may be several different and non-interchangeable parts available for this series. Please confirm compatibility before ordering.

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